Applying a gh Pattern on a surface/mesh srf

Hello there
Im working on designing these products and because im not too expert at this software so iam having a hard time how to apply and then modify(as well) this pattern later after applying. Im attaching images and grasshopper script please take a look and if possible guide me through.
Cheers (335.8 KB)

There are many ways to do it, one of them since you are using a quadrated mesh is to use Twisted Box tool from Pufferfish, you can also create your own bounding boxes but I think Pufferfish saves you headache and calculation time. (328.1 KB)

That’s great.
Now my query will be how can i increase or decrease this grid on mesh just because the output must be varying for different designs and this grid is too intense.
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You can add Quad Remesh settings and adjust the density,

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Thanks alot tay appreciate your effort. But can it happen to be upside down i mean the patterns are upside down and when with inverse or reverse it doesnt go upside down.

You can flip the plane for the boundingbox using the pufferfish flip plane component

you should get it reversed

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beautiful tay.