Non-Planar Slicing of imported mesh

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a script for non-planar 3d printing by slicing the imported mesh model into non-planar curves. I have this script which plane-slices the imported mesh model into planar curves, however, can anyone help me to convert these curves to non-planar curves which follows the model shape.?

Thank you!

prt0003.stl (18.2 KB) (5.1 KB)

Take a look at the attached if this is the result you want. You’ll need pufferfish plugin. (17.7 KB)

Draw names at top by using Sunglasses.gha By @Dani_Abalde fr the link bellow.

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WOW ! thank you so much for helping me out.!

In the Tween command, the factor can be used to adjust the number of layers, however is it possible to do it in the reverse form. Like, how it was on my script where I wanted the layer height to be 0.2mm and it divided accordingly. Thank you!

You could also use custom tween factors as well. (15.0 KB)

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This worked perfectly!. Made a slight change to the script. You can directly connect Divide Length > Parameters to the Factors and can adjust the layers using the slider.

Nevertheless, you saved me a lot of time. Thank you so much :smiley:

Hi @hariskhalil0 , did you ever finalize the script? Im looking to print clay