Pufferfish problem centerbox

I want to use a domain, but I think I cannot find the right tool for that.

What am I doing wrong?
20181115 pufferfish problem 00.gh (47.9 KB)

Hi, please read component inputs. In Grasshopper when you hover over inputs you will get input descriptions and data type needed. Y is a number, not a domain. Do you prefer it to have a domain option? I can add it.

That would be, I think, handy in some cases.

Also, do you might know how to rotate the ‘plane’ in the twistedboxes?
In my file, I tried to place the geometry on the longest axis, now it is ‘planed’ on the shortest axis.

Rotate your geometry or the reference box. Box morphing morphes directly vert to vert from reference box orientation to target box orientation.

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You mean with reference box the bounding box, right?

I cannot comprehends it because I tried it with a plane for some times. It is only changing the plane of the boundingbox in this case I guess, am I correct?

Changing the plane of the bounding box should work because it will change how the bounding box is oriented, Usually though, I just rotate the base geometry until it morphs in the orientation I want it to be in.

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Okay, I tried, but I cannot solve it. Which tool is might best to use, do you might know?

20181116 problem pufferfish 02.gh (77.4 KB)

I don’t know how you want it oriented so I do not know how to help you, just rotate until it is the way you want. Are you familiar much with Grasshopper? This is a typical morphing logic unrelated to Pufferfish. Orientation is everything.

I rotate and rotate and rotate and had all the axis.
I should look more like in the image below, but, in my case, it is rotated very odd. I guess.

I only can conclude that my boundingbox is not referenced correctly, or, which is highly possible, I am doing it wrong.

I do not know how to rotate it correctly. Do you might know which axis giving me better result to achieve a stacking thing of the things like in the image?

Is it my mesh that causes this?

I was also able to separate my meshes, but separate meshes can not go through one twisted boxes I experienced.

I was also able to separate my meshes, but separate meshes can not go through one twisted boxes I experienced.

That just means you don’t understand how lists work. Grafting, flattening, etc.

I see what you are doing wrong, You are rotating the bounding box, this is not what you should do. Things morph in relation to bounding boxes, By rotating the bounding box you are making the geometry come out of the bounding box, so it morphs out of the twisted boxes.

What I said was to rotate the geometry.
20181116 problem pufferfish 02-MP.gh (67.2 KB)