Pufferfish Sculpture


I cannot really get enough from experimenting with Grasshopper, and I have sooo many questions. What I was trying to do right now is to get a sculpture that morphs between two letters.

So I started with this:

Then I thought Pufferfish from @Michael_Pryor could be a cool plugin to work with. So I tried it this way:

1.3dm (3.2 MB)
1.gh (45.4 KB)

Why does this script make rectangular boxes around the letters and how can this be fixed?

Furthermore, I think I would prefer the structure of the sculpture more like this:

How can this be done?

Would be very happy about help :slight_smile:

Twisted Box components works untrimmed Surface to Surface or Mesh to Mesh. It does not and is not intended to work on those letter shapes you are trying as it is not possible to resolve that in an auto predicted way, they are two completely different topologies with infinite possible solutions, singular Grasshopper components always work on problems with definitive solutions. In this case you will need to define and come up with your own custom solution based on results you want to achieve.

For reference images they are in the example files.

I’ll suggest you to read the component descriptions as well as go through the extensive amount of example files to understand what is going on.

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Interesting. I thought it could take just a few points on similar positions and connect them. But it totally makes sense the way you explain. Thank you! I’ll continue checking your files.