Apply Load (Karamba) onto an object. Trouble with Assembling Model

Hello, I’m trying to apply a load to these steel cart I modeled in Rhino 3D. I can’t assemble the model. I keep getting this error. I appreciate any help!

  1. Solution exception:There are 2 unconnected nodes in the model:
    node-ind:14686: (-4017.45751953125/819.011047363281/100.997650146484)
    node-ind:14713: (-4017.45751953125/816.011047363281/100.997650146484) (468.5 KB)

Hi @heidiflo,

there are problems with your Input Mesh, you can use the Combine and Clean component from Kangaroo to clean the mesh for Karamba.

However there is a fundamental issue with your analysis as Karamba does not analyse solids. At the moment you have included the mesh geometry of the beams, but such an analysis is not possible in Karamba. You need to discretise the geometry into either Beam Axes or Shell Axis geometry.