Karamba can't Assemble Model


I modelled/created a pile slab and I have been trying to imply loads on top of the slab and supports for the piles. However, somehow the tab Assemble Model (Karamba 3D) just keeps telling me that it could not find node at xyz. But if I attached the string from the Points of Mesh to Shell, Assemble Model ran but that’s not what I want in this case.

Can you help me with this issue?

Thank you!

pile slab-vinh.gh (41.4 KB)


Hi @vinhvuong3107, you are approaching the setup the wrong way. Karamba takes axes (meshes or lines) as input, and you should not input solid geometries into Karamba. Also the geometries should be inputted in meter units - unless your geometry is really so large.

Please refer to Input Surfaces and Analyze as a Shell – Karamba3D on how to analyse a shell element.