API file exports

We are using ShapeDiver’s API to generate exports from the backend.

It all worked fine for couple of weeks until I started getting “Embedding not allowed” error meesage when calling the API.

I have noticed that there’s a new checkbox in the SD settings called “Allow Backend Access” and enabling it fixed the problem at the time.

However, I started getting the same error again, even though the checkbox is still enabled.

Are you using the Ticket for backend access that’s shown in the Sharing and embedding tab of your dashboard? If so, please let me know which model is giving trouble, either here or in a private message.

I have privided tickets via private message

Ok, please use the backend ticket shown on your models’ dashboard (the one starting with 0a2da6c659...), not the one that was provided to you previously for testing.
I justed tried using postman and the backend ticket shown for your model on your dashboard and it worked.
What kind of client are you using to make the requests?

im currently trying via postman as well

I am making requests using your ticket and postman right now, and they are succeeding:

Could you make it work?

yes, thanks. Started working after I updated my postman… sorry about that

don’t worry, happy to help. you are a beta tester for the backend access :wink: the official release is yet to happen…