Model access with backend ticket error

Here the thing - we are working on a project. We upload a *.GH file. and set everything up. Then everything is working wonderfully for a few days.

However we acquired the problem again. So the thing is that we are can`t now access one of our products through backend. we tried everything we are able to, to solve it but nothing helped, we are guessing there was some changes on your service itself.
At the same time throughout the ShapeDiver page model works pretty fine. but there are no access to model with API at all… (drops this errors - 429 Too Many Requests or 401 Unauthorized).

In case you receive a 401 HTTP status code, please also provide the full response body, which should explain why the request was denied. If you want me to take a detailed look, please provide details of the model concerned.

A 429 response means that the rate of computation or export requests exceeds the limits and needs to be lowered. Please handle this in your backend application, usually you will also receive a Retry-After header which tells you when it makes sense to try again. In case you don’t want to code this yourself, please consider using our SDK, which already handles rate limiting.

Thanks! I definitely will recheck all over again and provide full information if it happens again.

This error happens from time to time, with nothing changing on our side.
Once it happens again after some time everything works fine again.
If only you have any idea where could be the reason on our side?

Here’s the thing - now it’s working again and we changed nothing. We are very concerned how often this will happen. Can you imagine if there are any ways to check somehow where it could be a problem to know for sure the reason this is happening and get rid of it once and for all :sweat_smile:?

Can migration to the 3rd version of the viewer solve this issue?

@igor.betenev 429 responses might happen from time to time, this is expected behavior and not an error, please let me know if this is not clear to you and you have further questions about it.

401 responses should only happen for a reason, in order to track down the problem we will need more information please (the response body, the ticket).

At the moment cant get that error again. As it happens again Ill provide whole set of info.
Thanks for answers.