Backend access not allowed

Hi ShapeDiver team,
backend access was rejected for Configurator | Indimise | Your individual Phone-Case but was allowed for using the same script. I also tried it with a new backend access key, but it does not work. Both domains are whitelisted.
Maybe the mistake is quite obvious, but I am still not used to your new platform.
Thanks in advance for your support!
Bests, Sebastian

The problem is this: When accessing a model from a browser, please always use a ticket for embedding. Use a backend ticket only in case you are accessing a model from a non-browser environment. We will improve our documentation related to this.

Thanks @snabela . I used the embedding ticket instead and it was rejected again. I found out that I had to add “www.” before my whitelisted domain “” beside it was working for “” without it.

Many thanks for your feedback @sebastian6. I am not totally sure about your answer: Has the problem been resolved?