Anyway to switch off Login emails?

Is there anyway to switch off Discourse Login emails? Though small, deleting daily “You just logged in” email is an annoyance.


Spam folder :smiley: this is what I did.

Instead of pushing it to spam folder (and most likely thus teach anti-spam the wrong thing) you should just create a filter that deletes the message. Or puts it in a separate folder that you can empty manually every now and then (in case you need to get some password reset message or so…).

I don’t get login email messages:

I stay logged in the forums 24/7 I don’t need the emails, but alas. So => Spam folder.

Logged in != active.

When you’re logged in 24/7 you probably don’t need any of the e-mail notifications…

Right, perhaps I should create a bot moving the mouse while I’m inactive for 9 mins.

The problem is I started receiving way too many emails from the forum it is annoying. If I have time I’ll visit the website and answer, it should not be put in the face like that. It is not my spam folder that needs teaching but rather the discourse email-bot.

Sure, I am also 24/7 logged in, with two accounts. I have e-mail notifications turned off because, well, I’m logged in 24/7…

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