Notification e-mails

How recent is “recently”? ----H

I found this on the Discourse forum…

OK, “feature not implemented yet…”

I’ll just turn it off for now, 12 emails overnight over the same topic.

Very valid concern, can you describe your “ideal” email notification heuristic?

@sam, I don’t know, lets say one email per thread per day at most. One more feature could be stopping to send email after 3 days, when most likely the guy is out of town. Don’t know if you have the data framework to control that already.

Or may be a second type of digest, daily, subscribed content only.

And on top of that the definition of “recently” as you mentioned before.

Here there where 12 over the night on the same thread. If you had the opportunity to check the NNTP group things do tend to run away pretty fast at times.

EDIT:Ooh love editing and love the history there too.

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