Not being emailed re replies etc

I don’t get emails when someone replies to my post(s)
I don’t get emails when other people post to a topic I have posted to
My avatar is not always included in the list of people who have posted on a topic when I have posted to it…

I include a snapshot of my preferences - as far as I can see the above things should work…

As an aside, if I can just throw my toys out of the pram for a minute -

I hate this whole forum thing with a passion!
I hate having to sign in all the time!
The only thing that is better than the old newsgroup about this whole system is that its easier to post from an ipad or phone.
Did I mention I dislike the whole thing intensely ?<

Ok, I feel a bit better.


Ok - I didn’t include the snapshot - here it is…

I think you have private browsing turned on based on your screenshot

That is probably why nothing is being remembered and you have to log back in all of the time.

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Thanks Steve - that was news to me!

—sent from mobile device & email—

Looks like you have “receive email notifications and email digests even if you are active on the forum” unticked, which explains why you feel you are missing emails.