Anyway of WIN key for better use or disabling?

Can WIN key be used for some useful shortcut in rhino. or disable it?
Just not used to using windows, but errrr…

I think the Windows keyboard key is pretty much hard-wired to Windows functions… --Mitch

Maybe I’ll just super glue the key…

Found this solution, but… anyone want to try it first?

Oh, I thought you wanted to use the key for something else… Ahh, I see, you’re a Mac guy and the Win key is where the Cmd key is on Mac. Muscle memory…


I use a program called KeyTweak.

Allows you to change any key.

For example, my caps lock is remapped to be just another shift key.

Also I prefer Mac keyboards, so I use KeyTweak to rearrange the keys so they match PC positions. (They’re mislabeled on the keyboard obviously) but in the right locations. Command = Alt, option = windows.

Curious if there is a way to set up a momentary key that disables OSNAP (not a toggle) sortof like the way shift will disable ORTHO during transforms.

Use the Alt key… (unless you have tweaked it, of course) --Mitch

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