Anyone know how to model this corner?


different depth/width but same number of corrugated

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How far did you get in figuring this out on your own?
It looks pretty simple after going through some basic tutorials.

Hello - the simplest is probably to make the steps as a profile and Sweep1 on the lower/inner path polyline:


Hi Pascal and John,

Thanks for replying! The question I am wondering is there any easy way to deal with the sweep rail with different profiles (same corrugated number but different depth), the shape will be twisted. See image below:

Hello- please post a file with your curves.


Thanks, please see attached!
curve extrusion.3dm (6.9 MB)

Hello- is this it?
curve extrusion_Maybe.3dm (673.7 KB)


Yes! Curious how you made it!

I know one way is to project the profile on diagonal surface and use loft. but wondering is there any other easy way

That is the way - I made the corner profiles from a TweenCurves oriented and scaled into position so as to approximate, hopefully, the shape as it progresses to the middle one. I did not include your middle curve in the loft.




I see, thanks Pascal!