Any way to view Rhino files from Google Drive?

At present, if I’m on my laptop and I want to view a 3dm file from Google Drive, I have only one choice : press the “Open with Rhino 6” option under “Apps on your computer” suggested by Google drive.
The problem here is that it opens Rhino 5 which promptly tells me the file is created by a newer version, so I first download the file, then open it in Rhino 6 ; Meh…

If I’m on a tablet or smartphone, I don’t know what options I have.

Anyone using Google Drive to review CAD models on the go ?

PS : iRhino is not an option for me ; I’m talking of something serious which can display all the Rhino objects, allow hiding layers or leveraging snapshots, highlighting blocks by name, …

There is Backup sync by Google which gives you a folder structure synced with drive. It still means a lot of uploading and downloading but it’s all automated. Also there is automatic version ing in drive so the last 20 or 30 versions of each synced rhino file are stored.

Edit: I don’t have experience with on the go tablet or smartphone sorry

Hi Lando,

I use Google Synch. already.
But while you can review and even edit lots of file types online (Google docs notably), there doesn’t seem to be much in the field of CAD files.
I found an extremely crummy DWG viewer, but that’s about it.

I can use iRhino on my iPhone. Opens 3dm files from Google Drive fine. But it does not support lines- only surfaces- so it has really limited usefulness for me and I almost never use it. Still if you need a 3d file you can view and rotate. If lines were viewable I would probably use it often.

Hello - is the 3dm file format associated with V6 on your system? Sounds like it is set to open with V5 - you can set that in a 3dm file properties


Yes Pascal, 3dm is associated with V6 on my computer.