Issue Removing Fillet Edges?

Hello Forum, I have a problem with removing some fillet edges on a bunch of blocks within a file, also a few standard objects too. I have been using the filletedge command-edit, without success. I just want to remove the 20mm bullnoses which have been put on these objects. I only seem to be able to edit 1 edge in the blocks ? And when I do edit an edge back to ‘0’ it removes a full surface face ? Basically I want them back to just a simple box shape. Any assistance appreciated, file attached Edit Fillet Issue.3dm (529.0 KB)

Hello - editing fillets is very limited - only Rhino applied FilletEdge are even eligible, and if several shots of fillets were applied, only the most recent is editable.


@pascal oh no, I have 100’s of these to edit :man_shrugging:

Are they all boxes?


mostly box shaped yes, funny thing is, some of them edit ok, others don’t, seems funky to me :man_shrugging:

If they are boxes and you need to simply remove fillets, then BoundingBox may be enough. If you send me a file with a few examples in the expected orientations, I can make you a thing that replaces objects with bounding boxes and keeps the other object attributes the same.


I kinda managed it @pascal, thanks for the assistance, appreciated :blush: