Options - deselecting panels

Is there a way to toggle multiple panels on/off in one visit to the options window? Every time I toogle a panel the options window shuts. To toggle off three panels takes 3 trips to the options window. TIA

I use the following macro, assigned to a button, to toggle multiple panels with one click.

-_layer _V _toggle _enter -_displayproperties _V _toggle _enter -_properties _V _toggle _enter

It doesn’t always respect whether they are tabbed or separate panels, but otherwise works well.

Thanks for the reply Mark. Do you know if I can target plugin panels this way with macros? If so how do you find out the name property of those panels?

Yeah… this is a bit painful- fixed in the next version though.You can toggle from the Panels menu and see what command gets run in the command history, and maybe build up a macro that way for specific panels.


@pascal, thanks for the reply. My TDM plugins are not displayed in the Panels menu. Is there a way for me to get them to display here so that I can try your method?

I love Rhino and live it now…my workspace and having to set it up on every restart is just a little thing that annoys me. Hoping this is better in V6 and that my TDM plugins still work in it :slight_smile: