Toggle Layers panel on/off by clicking on the taskbar

Hi Guys, I am trying to find a way to toggle the Layers panel on/off by clicking on the taskbar (Windows 7 Pro). I need to use all the screen “real estate” when I am designing large projects and find it very cumbersome to contiually open the toolbar, find the Layers icon and click to toggle the panel on/off.

Currently, the Layers panel toggles “off” when the taskbar is clicked (standard Rhino protocol). Unfortunately, the panel toggles “on” as soon as the screens receive a mouse input. Does anyone have a script that can perform the toggle function I need?


Ed Porter

Hi @nowforge,

you can use this macro in a button or keyshortcut to toggle the visibility of the Layer panel:

_-Layer _Visible _Toggle _Enter 

Alternatively, you may look at the -FullScreen command. This macro hides everything but the Layer panel and the CommandLine:

-FullScreen _ShowLayer=Yes _ShowCommand=Yes _Enter

You may customize this if you start the FullScreen command with a hyphen - symbol in front of the command, like this: -FullScreen


Hi Clement,

Thanks for advice … I will let you know what happens


Hi Clement,

Your recommendation to create a keyboard shortcut is excellent … though is is not quite what I want. As I stated earlier, clicking on the taskbar toggles the Layer panel “off” … I need to find a way to keep it off until I click on the taskbar again.

I appreciate any help


Hi Ed,

it looks like you have your Layers panel floating and not docked? Then its behavior is handled like that. If Rhino looses focus, the toolbars and all floating items are all hidden. Once focus is back to Rhino, toolbars and floating items come back. This feature can be disabled using:


but it is not really what you are trying. You want to hide on deactivate and keep hidden on reactivation :wink:

Maybe you could set TestHideOnDeactivate to No and control the Layers panel with a keyboard* shortcut or button command. So it only comes into your way when you really want it.

*Personally i have one toggle on a dedicated mouse button to hide everything but the command line using the -FullScreen command.


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Hi Clement,

Thanks for the suggestions … I’ll keep you updated if I can get
everything working