Any setting in dxf export to make 3D into 2D?

with planar surfaces and dimensions all planar (same plane) in an ortho view (they were Project to Cplane…delete input to make sure), a client with TurboCad couldnt read the dxf when 2004solid and also 2004Natural were used for export as dxf.

I then used R12natural and success, though he needs to convert 3D to 2D he says.

What options should I select to make life even easier for him ? save him having to convert 3D to 2D ?


Normally I would export selected and only use SELCRV command to make sure only curves are exported.

V5 SR9 64bit
I have what are surfaces, solids made from extruded curves then exploded and only certain faces retained and laid planar.

I type SelCrv and then select one but nothing gets selected.

I select one first then type selcrv , again see nothing selected.

My CommandHelp is dead as any video that plays throws up a script error, despite updating flash and java.

(subject of an unanswered other thread)

How best can I deal with these surfaces. Occurs to me I shall have to DupEdge everything, what a pain, loads of careful edge selection :frowning: or is there an quick way of selecting all the edges ?


SelSrf --> DupBorder (then delete surfaces if necessary)


Thats done it, await feedback from Client if this alleviates any work his end. Turbocad Deluxe 16 in use there, seems a bit ancient or is this normal ? I presume it saw surfaces and that made it think 3D.