Any progress on transparent and gradient vector hatches?



I need them now and thought to ask, maybe there’s a test command that I don’t know about.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Bogdan - none that I know of…



I would like ask the question from the topic again :wink:
That function is crucial for architectural drawing.

Thanks !


This is my case which I do not understand.

logo is a block with surface with transparency around and hatch inside

I do not know why hatch has transparency there.
I used bring to front command

Thanks for help


May I ask, will this be available in the future with a R6 SR?

Sorry for nagging , but it’s a reoccurring workflow problem for me.

(Wim Dekeyser) #6

As a general rule, new features are not introduced in Service Releases.

This particular wish is on the list (several times: RH-5417, RH-15560, RH-43066, and RH-45234). At the moment, these are scheduled for “Future” - so, that may or may not be RH7.


It’s marked as Bug not as new feature :star_struck: