Any Hotkey for snap only to selected objects?

As the title mentioned

Hi @jackhui328

SnapToSelObject… as far as I know, no.

Rodolfo Santos

Hello - use a macro for this, you can add it to any keyboard shortcut or alias:

! _-Options _ModelingAids _OSnaps _OnlySnapToSelected _EnterEnd


_OnlySnapToSelected, nice one.

I didn’t know it was possible to use this syntax, I learned something this morning.
Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 06.42.08

Rodolfo Santos

Hi Pascal,

I tried this but it says that it does not recognize the command _ModelingAids
I also typed in OnlySnapToSelected to check the command and Rhino also said it didn’t recognize.

Hi @danny1
_ModelingAids is not a command in itself. You need to run the full macro below, as ModelingAids is an option inside the Options command:
! _-Options _ModelingAids _OSnaps _OnlySnapToSelected _EnterEnd
HTH, Jakob


Sorry I don’t quite understand. Do I type options directly in the command prompt?
I would like to quickly make a sweep shape in between 2 rail curves for the Sweep 2 Rail command.

The only way I know how to do this is to snap a curve to both rails by using the “on the curve” object snap. This requires me to turn off the snap to one curve and then turn it back on so it can connect to the other rail curve which can be quite repetitive as I need to perform this task quite often.

You could probably use the “Near” object snap in this case… No?

oh! so that’s what its for! haha I’ve been using Rhino for years and I never used this snap. Great!

Good that it works for you… Just be careful, Near osnap should be used judiciously, as it snaps pretty much anywhere on any object. So if you are looking for a precise snap point like End or Mid, but Near is also active, and you work a bit too quickly, you might end up with an incorrect snap point because you didn’t notice that it snapped near the point you want, but not exactly. So, I recommend only turning on persistent Near osnap when you are in a situation that really warrants it (like your example).

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