Reference object snap: between


There used to be a very useful reference object snap, an exact midpoint between two picked points. It is described in the documentation for Rhino 5, but I can’t find it in the newest Rhino. Is that functionality not available in Rhino 6, or am I just looking for it in a wrong place, where it used to be?

It moved in V6. Hold down Shift while hovering over the Osnaps.

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Thank you.

Hi Michal - FWIW, You can also just type between to use this one-shot Osnap. For easy access, I have it mapped to the letter b in aliases.

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Hi Wim! Great tip for macros, many thanks!

try this out, drag and drop this into rhino, it will add an alias called OneShots. put the alias in your MMB,
2020-03-06 07_28_12-Window
you have to have this toggled as well for it to show up.
2020-03-06 07_27_34-Window
now when you middle click you will have access to all those obscure snaps ready during a command. :slight_smile:OneShotsPopUp.rvb (1.6 KB)

'Option Explicit
'Script written by Pascal

'Script version Wednesday, June 04, 2008

'Hi Ryan- I guess the problem is going to be that the rmb context menu is not
'available inside a command, which is when one-shots are available. But it is
'easy enough to make a script that will pop up a menu of them, if you are
'willing to activate the menu some other way, like with an alias or even a
'The attached script will register 'OneShots' as an alias for the
'pop-up; I would change this (in Options > Aliases) to something quick and dumb
'like 'mm' or something so you can get it with alias + spacebar really quickly.
'Drag and drop over a V4 window if you want to try it out. You could even put
'the alias on the middle mouse button macro, maybe, in Options > Mouse.

'Script version Wednesday, June 04, 2008
'Near, Midpoint, Center, Intersection, perpendicular, Tangent, Quad, Knot'

Rhino.AddStartupScript Rhino.LastLoadedScriptFile
Rhino.AddAlias "OneShots", "_NoEcho _-Runscript OneShotsPopup"

Sub OneShotsPopup()

	Dim aSnaps(14)
	aSnaps(0) = "Near"
	aSnaps(1) = "Center"
	aSnaps(2) = "Perpendicular"
	aSnaps(3) = "From"
	aSnaps(4) = "PerpendicularFrom"
	aSnaps(5) = "TangentFrom"
	aSnaps(6) = "AlongLine"
	aSnaps(7) = "Alongparallel"
	aSnaps(8) = "Between"
	aSnaps(9) = "OnCurve"
	aSnaps(10) = "OnSurface"
	aSnaps(11) = "OnPolysurface"
	aSnaps(12) = "PercentageSnap"
	aSnaps(13) = "testAddSmartPoint"
	aSnaps(14) = "testAddSmartPoint"

	Dim intSnap: intSnap = Rhino.PopupMenu(aSnaps)

	If isnull(intSnap) Or intSnap = -1 Then Exit Sub

	Dim sSnap: sSnap = aSnaps(intSnap)
	Rhino.SendKeystrokes sSnap

End Sub