Any good content that goes into the creation of car bodies?

I’ve learned a lot about Class A surfacing through Rhino/CATIA, but I’m very curious about the detailed process of car body creation all the way to fabrication/manufacturing.

This is the only video I’ve found but it’s very amateurishly made and seems to be just clips of other people’s videos.

I’d really love to know more about the dynamic between physical clay modelers and digital Class A surface modelers, and how those surfaces then ultimately become stamps (or die press, or whatever it’s even called).

Does anyone know of any good (free) video series that goes into technical depth on these individual parts of the overall process?

there is a great show called “how its made” that covers a lot of automotive content as well as a tone of other things… It’s one of my favorites. Its on discovery channel here in the Pacific NW.

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Not sure if this will help, but in some of my videos I captured the modeling process of certain car body panels and the creation of their plugs for CNC-milling. Here is one example, but keep in mind that it’s far from Class-A surface quality, because it was done in the most amateurish way to save time:

Rhino 7 now has the ! _RibbonOffset command that makes the things a lot easier for making moulds and plugs.

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Stoked you like that tool! :slight_smile:
( I campaigned very heavily for that tool, Chuck welch and Dale Fugier were the heavy lifters on the code, Travis did the final UI if I’m remembering it all correctly.)

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It’s pity that this particular tool was developed just recently and didn’t exist in previous Rhino versions. It would save so much time for mould making. :slight_smile:

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This is only car worth imitating

How the TRABANT was made - English subtitles - YouTube