Learning Resources for Designers

I’m looking to get more in-depth knowledge about modeling that’s targeted towards designers. I’ve got the basics but I’d like more (I would consider myself at an intermediate level in Rhino). The information I am seeking is not necessarily Rhino specific but perhaps would be considered quite relevant.

For example more information on Class-A surfacing for industrial design. I get the basic theory but so far I haven’t found as much reference on executing these types of surfaces in relatively complex models as I’d like. I’d like more information on ideal topology flow, how to interface surfaces, model planning, considerations for sending to manufacturing, etc.

I’ve seen a few posts even in these forums with tantalizing questions but sometimes there are few answers explicitly answering the questions posted, just hints. It seems a lot of knowledge is ‘tribal’ but I’d like to think given how we are surrounded by design in our daily lives that even the nuances must be documented somewhere. Sometimes it’s as simple as missing the industry lingo for a particular search term in your Google search.

Maybe you came across a text book in university that stuck with you, a website you found particularly useful, etc. I would very much appreciate if you posted it here.

Some of the sites that helped me:

There’s the Rhino Vimeo Channel, awesome videos there, really.
Infinite Skills and Lynda have some too.

and this one, if the torrent is down, send me a message…


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I think you might find these videos helpful. They do rely heavily on vsr but still provide many useful tips for Rhino and class A. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrMbLKSTzacxHoMvE_bYHNQ

This is a good resource for Class A using Alias. http://www.trk-design.com/wordpress/

This guy ( ShadowRhino3d ) can do class A srf without vsr by native rhino tools too,he can even match different layout type of srf by moving CV manually.

check out his post on Chinese forums you’ll find out more.

@diegodx Thanks I was able to download the videos (haven’t watched them yet).

@Stratosfear It’s ok! I bought VSR when it was on sale in March (and I’m glad I did). Great plugin. I just installed the 30 day trial of Alias. I thought I’d see what I could learn from Alias tutorials, so nice timing.

@asdfsjal Do you have a link to any of ShadowRhino3d’s forum posts? I can’t read 漢字 so I haven’t had much luck searching. If I have a link to one of the forums I can run it through Google Translate. It might be a good start. Thanks.

I found some good information, ahem, on the Autodesk website. Some of the theory translates very well to Rhino.

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There was a special edition of Car Styling Magazine on Rhino Modeling by Yasusato Yamada. Main feature is a detailed process of making first surface model of car concept (using Rhinoceros). Though, It does not dwell into advanced stages of Class A surface development, it does provide methods to approach typical challenges you would encounter.

Thought it would not be available anymore, but seems FlexiCAD has it: http://www.flexicad.com/produkte/rhinoceros/uebungen/carstyling.htm

And, there’s a Class A surface group on Linkedin, with a few interesting discussions.

Unfortunately FlexiCAD does not appear to ship to North America. However, after out stubborning the internet I found a link to view the article (as individual pages). Excellent article.

Hi Asdfsjal, I am also regularly stumbling upon surface matching complications. I saw the video’s from ShadowRhino3D, but he’s using VSR. Could you link me his forum posts where he matches surfaces manually?