Anticipating surface directions

While creating quad adjacent surfaces in order to use the zebra stripes I’m not able to prevent the direction of the resultant surface, so sometimes I get the opposite direction I need to have a good zebra display.

The problem is that when I flip the surface direction I’m breaking the history, so the surface is not linked to the construction lines anymore (which is an essential feature into this process).

I think the surface direction is related to the curves direction, but I’m not understanding this relation at all, so I’m not able to prepare the curves to give me the surface direction I want.

What is the way to prevent this issue?

Thank you very much!!

Hi Jordi - what is the display mode current when you run Zebra? Does the discrepancy (one side black?) show in all display modes? Does the display mode you are using have a custom 'backface; setting? This does mess with Zebra…

I know this does not get at your actual question - - I do not think there is a predictable enough way to know the surface direction, and I do understand the problem with flipping & History, I have run into this myself.


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I use to work into the Shaded mode. As you guess I’m working with custom backface settings…

It was important to me because I was getting the zebra “darked” onto the backfaces even if I had the front face settings to it but now I’m testing and I’m not getting this issue (I swore it happened many times before!!:astonished:). It’s okay if I can have a good zebra display even if front and back faces are colored the same…

Anyway I thought the direction would be more easily predictible… I will try to find something related…

Thank you very much!