Default new surfaces to outfacing normals from my viewpoint (active viewport)

When I’m reating/recrating patches on open surfaces teh normal direction of the nexw geometry is random, so I have to be ‘flipping out’ half of the time, instead of acting normal :smile:

I want Rhino to be smarter. See example…

(if you see orange, it means that’s the backface color)



Hi G
What would be smart?
Would it be that when edges are used as input, they set (in a democratic way) the direction of the new surface?

Or should it go as far as setting direction based on camera/viewport.



Hi Willem,

I wanted to ask you about this issue. It seems that no matter which sequence I select curves in I will more often than not get a surface that’s inside out. Is there a setting that would make the backfaces not display towards the camera? (1.6 MB)

Backface rendering options (per display mode) are found here:

Or is there a command that can Analyze all face directions at once? Then flip all to camera as you stated? —Mark

Thanks Wim, but that just changes the color not the orientation as far as I can see.

@JKayten Why is the normal direction important to you? Any reason not to use Dir to check the direction and then use the Flip option if needed?

I’m not sure. At some point I read something and concluded it was a good practice to be aware of it. Maybe its a waste of time. I already have a quick flip direction tool handy but I get tired of the extra effort.