Desperatly wanted: zebra light direction adjustable and independend from viewpoint

Does somebody know a creative work around to align the zebra light to, lets say to the Z vector, and rotate the view without changing the zebra light direction? VSR-Tools are able to do the trick. Any idea to do it without?
Thank you in advance,

Not sure if this does the trick, but how about a display mode which used a single material for all objects, and that material has a vertical zebra stripe set as its environment. Quick display mode attached.

Sam (9.5 KB)

If you set the texture as environment it will behave just like the native Rhino zebra analysis (that means it will change rotating the object)
You will need to set it as the colour texture to remain static.
Just create a zebra material (using a horizontal or vertical striped texture you find on the internet or create yourself) and apply it as needed.
You might need to adjust the texture mapping of your model though.

Cheers, Norbert

You helped me a lot in bringing me to the right idea. Thank you!

Nevertheless your proposal doesn’t meet exactly what I wanted, because the stripe pattern is mapped to the surface. Pulling a Ctrl-Pt will change the mapping to fit to bounds of the surface.

Needed is a directional projection of a stripe pattern, supported by the freedom to choose a direction and stripe width.

The attached model will serve that purpose. Basically it consists of stripe shaped surfaces in front of a directional light using the rendering display mode incl. enabled shadows.

But still it “takes the long way around”. There is the question to simplify this?


Adjustable zebra light work around.3dm (307.3 KB)