Feature Request - Group browser?

Part of my general rhino workflow involves grouping objects in multiple tiers. I guess one could call it hierarchical grouping. Each group might contain several sub-groups of unique objects from different layers. This is a workflow that I picked up in AI and PS and allows me to organize work through multiple structures.
However, in Rhino selecting objects contained within sub groups can be tricky. One work-around is to name objects then SelNamed, however that has always seemed a bit cumbersome to put into practice.

My request is to implement groups graphically within the layers palette in a way that allows selection of entire groups, sub groups, or individual objects. AI’s layers palette is a great example of a robust organizational tool which allows users to visually structure documents using layers and groups.

Has anyone else had issue with this? Are there any workarounds that I’m missing?

Apart from my agreement that a group browser would be a welcome addition:

Have you considered using blocks as a means to organise in hierarchy?


That’s hard to say - you’ve only mentioned one but perhaps you have more?
Have you tried sub-object selection (Ctrl-Shift-LMB)? In a shaded mode, picking a surface of an object in a group (no matter how many groups it is part of) will select the entire joined object. Picking on an edge allows you to select either the edge, the face, or the object.

Thanks to both replies. Sub object select may be useful as a workaround. However, that said I still hope someone from McNeel makes note of the request and puts it up for debate.

The debate typically takes place right here. Explain in as much detail as possibly how you would see this in practice and get others to comment and agree with you :wink:

The wish list is rather long but the request has now been put on the heap here: