::wish:: group layers!

Hi all,
I hope if Mcneel Developers can add a group tool to the layers panel. I believe grouping layers will help organize projects and keeps your Layers panel uncluttered. Specially when the opening file includes several layers, and some with the same name or properties (like print width, color, materials,…etc) or it’s a complex project with hundreds of layers linking to its elements.

Best of luck!

Hello - is this different from sub-layers?


The group will include the layers + sub-layers.


Isn’t that just adding another layer of complexity?:rofl:

Seriously, you can have sub-layers of sub-layers. Isn’t that accomplishing the same thing?

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And object name, color or attributes.

I am wondering the same thing. How would that be different from more nested layers that you can currently have?

like Adobe layers, you mean?

When I read OP’s ‘group tool’ I immediately thought grouping the selection of layers, which is something I’ve privately wished for as well. I routinely have multiple layers selected in the layers palette and use those to quickly select objects. Its a big PIA to constantly go reselecting those layers when they have become deselected for untold # of reasons.
The grouped layers could be linked via a checkbox in the palette maybe.

Layer State Management along with Visibility 0n/Off or Locking could also be used.

@carvecream - this does seem like it might be handy - I made a quick and dirty stab at a version of this to see if it might be worthwhile - I don’t know how useful it is but if you want to have a play, give this plug-in a try.

There are three commands

AddLayerSelection - set a name for the selection. Probably best with no spaces, but I have not delved into that yet.

GetLayerSelection - you can choose more than one, they add up. Currently the starting state is lost - that seemed the be the best starting point but it can be added to instead.


Selections are saved per Rhino file.

There are undoubtedly combinations I have not considered but it might be a start.

Unblock, then drag and drop the rhp file onto Rhino6 (Might work in 5, I have not tried it yet) to load it up and add the commands.

LayerSelection.rhp (14 KB)


This is exactly what I use. For fast selection of a group of layers I save a a layer state with everything else locked then just hit SelAll. I like this better than the layer grouping suggestion as layers can belong to several different selection filters that don’t interfere with each other.

Hello - did you give the LayerSelection plug-in a spin (two posts up) ? Seems like it might be easier. I dunno if @carvecream had a play with it, it is more or less, I think, what he suggests…