Another Rhino 7 for Mac naked edges problem

Newbie Rhino 7 for Mac user, attempting to 3D print a fairly simple shape. No luck with fixing naked edges. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (427.2 KB)

Did you create this object in Rhino, or import it?

If you created I assume it originally was NURBS objects and/or SubD objects, not a mesh. It is best to resolve naked edge issues and create a solid before converting to meshes. Upload a .3dm file with the original NURBS or SubD geometry. No need to compress before uploading.

Did you use a Boolean operation to try to combine the base and sides? If so you did not keep the correct parts.

What are you using to learn Rhino? Are you in a class?

Have you used other 3D modeling software in the past and assume that experience will let you jump in and use Rhino immediately?

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Hi David,

Thanks for your quick response!

I created the object in Rhino, and didn’t use a Boolean operation. Please find the 3dm file attached.

I learned AutoCAD many years ago, and have recently started using Rhino. I have watched a few videos, but have not taken any classes yet.

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Wave_Light.3dm (2.7 MB)

I separated the surfaces into two layers to make it easier to inspect the sides and bottom separately. One of the new layer is the sides, the other is the bottom.

Wave_Light DC01.3dm (1.7 MB)

The sides are not capped at the top.

For the inside/top of the bottom there are two surfaces, neither is the surface you need. One extends to outside side surface. The other is between the inside and outside side surfaces. The inside/top of the bottom should only extend to the inside of the side surfaces.

I added another layer with problems fixed.

An alternative method to an object with thickness is to create one set of surfaces (inside or outside) and then use the OffsetSrf command.

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Hi David,

Thanks for all of your help! It is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,