Another Day Without Rhino? : (

I will be running off series of renders in V6. Each of these is done in under 8 hours each, on my 12-core rig. It doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to keep up with my “skills.”
Is it against zoo/policy/license to run V7 beta while V6 is running on another machine?

I also had an old educational v5 license, which I upgraded to V6 Commercial.
Can I run the old v5 one?

Not on a different computer.
To run Rhinos on two computers simultaneously and be compliant with the license agreement, you need two licenses.


John, thank you for the reply.

An single non-editor/command-line renderering node for one machine would be a welcome feature for V7.


We are aware of a need for something like this, but there’s no real chance it will be in V7. Sorry