Annotation leader issues when exporting to .dwg


We often need to export 2D engineering type drawings, drawn in Rhino, to .dwg for sending to clients. There have been an number of bugs in Rhino 6, that I have been hoping will be sorted out in Rhino 7. I test them now in Rhino 7 WIP 7.0.20042.9575, 2020/02/11, and some have been fixed but there are now others. I will list these issues under seperate topics to keep responses clear.

  1. When opening a 2D drawing exported from Rhino 6 SR 22, in a .dwg program like Draftsight, NanoCad, or AutoCAD, the annotation text aligns vertically, when it was horizontal in Rhino:

This was not an issue in Rhino 5, or earlier SR’s of Rhino 6.

This seems to have been fixed when exporting from Rhino 7 WIP, but now the colour of the text is always black:

It would be great if the issues for both Rhino 6 export and Rhino 7 export can be fixed.

Hi, i have the same issue here. How to solve this issue? it seems the problem only occurs with the leader object

@Rhino WIP developers, any chance this issue can be sorted out in a WIP release? I just checked the latest version (7.0.20133.11585, 2020/05/12) and it still has this bug.