BUG: multileader export to DWG flawed

on top of this in Rhino text behaves strangely going Bold suddenly in no predictive manner.
export dwg bug.dwg (18.7 KB)
export dwg bug.3dm (27.4 KB)

Hi Ivan -
Just so that I understand this correctly, you exported the dwg file from some other application, and, when importing that into Rhino, you no longer have the tail that you indicated with the red curve and the question mark and the text turned bold.
Is that what you are reporting?

no in rhino its correct. i exportfrom rhino to dwg and open in autocad

tail should be horizontal after export

Hi Ivan/Juan -

Then I’m really confused.
The object in the 3dm file is not a single leader. It’s a leader without text and a text object. When I create a new leader (with text) in that 3dm file and export it as dwg, it round-trips correctly back into Rhino and opens correctly in Autodesk DWG TrueView.

you dont need to create anything. just export the rhino file to dwg and you will see that the leader tail is not horizontal but as shown in the picture with black background (autocad).

correct behavior should be that the empty leader should look the same after export to dwg and opened in autocad (viewer does not matter).

the problem is why after export the tail is in strange direction and length.

In that case, the fix is simple. Just create a new leader. That seems to work fine when exported.

If you’d like the cause to be fixed, I’d need to know how this particular leader was created and be able to reproduce that here.

those leaders were imported from autocad then everything was remade in rhino and i wanted to export it to dwg at the end. i will send you the original leader in a sec.

the point is that the leader in rhino looks just like regular leader and in the dwg it should look independent from when it had been created.

leader_original_to_dwg.dwg (20.3 KB)
leader_original_from_dwg.3dm (25.7 KB)
leader_original_dwg.dwg (34.5 KB)

the issue is import original dwg to rhino → looks fine just like in original dwg
export to dwg → no more looks fine

Thanks -

I found RH-56893 and added this example.

so i am not the discoverer :frowning: