Dimensioning in Layout View (aka "Paper Space")

The ability and advantages for dimensioning in a Layout View (paper) is self evident. Here are two suggestions that would simplify this process while increasing accuracy: (1) Provide the ability to manipulate (orient) the C-Plane to any desired angle in the Layout View. In this regard, the ability to “snap” to any two-dimensional x, y coordinates present in the geometry of the layout. (2) An option allowing any geometry present in a Layout View (paper space) to be “seen” (by Rhino) as if it were a part of the geometry found inside of the Viewport. This would force Rhino to dimension all geometry (both in the Layout AND in the Viewport) as if it were the same.

True dimensions are also displayed in the layout

Hi Craig -

You can do that by creating a custom CPlane on the object and saving that custom CPlane. You can do that in model space. Then, in paper space, activate a detail, apply the custom CPlane, run SetView, pick the CPlane option and then pick the appropriate view orientation for that detail.

That sounds peculiar. Can you give a realistic example of how this would be used?