Animation in an Animation w Rhino Render

This is obscure… very obscure. Vray does not yet support an animation within an animation so I am using Rhino Render to accomplish it and layer it atop the VRay rendered part.

Well I could not use an avi file because the compression was not up to par. I was able to get a series of PNG files to load onto the screen “but” it started at frame “109” instead of 1. It takes awhile to load as well. I used the tutorial with the santa on the TV screen which is excellent. Anyone know how to get a series of stills to load on frame 1?

Did you get a series of PNG files in a Bongo Video Texture material? I don’t see how this can be done.

You could make a video from the frame with VirtualDub.
The resulting Avi can be compressed to almost anything you want with Winff or Handbrake. In either of the latter, you can set the use of multiple cores.

I simply use Bongo’s Video Encoder. The mpeg-2 codec is (mostly) suitable.

I did get the series of stills to work but it just starts on 109 and is touchy. I will try Bongo’s Video Encoder. thanks.