Animate slider by GUID in python possible?

Hi there! I’m going through some data in grasshopper and I want to animate a slider every time some conditions are met. Im already using python to process the data there but I could not find a method with the Animate slider functionality in the grasshopper API. Otherwise I guess making my own from scratch wouldnt be completely impossible, but I can’t help but wonder if it is not already in the API somewhere.


Here’s an old example that should get you going (by name though): (6.9 KB)

Hey Anders, Thanks for the reply! This is a good start. I would need to set up the conditional and a viewcapturetofile on every step but this is what i was trying to achieve. I guess the command GH does when you right click: animate a slider is not in the API.

Yeah you can definitely adapt it to your required logic. You probably don’t actually need to dynamically update the component from inside itself, seeing as how we are expiring the slider, which should trigger the incrementing loop behaviour. See this for how to capture the viewport: