Angle Constraint problem

I seem to get some funny results when I’m trying to use angle constraints with polylines. It only happen at certain angles. For example, if I choose <12, or <15, everything works fine. If I choose <11 (which happens to be what I need), I get very strange behavior. It seems like it can’t decide where the 11 degrees is from. It draws SOME lines as 11 degrees with the horizontal axis, but I also get lines that appears to be oriented with some other axis, and the end result is a strange mixture of 11 degrees, 8 degrees and 3 degrees.

I’m wondering if I’m fundamentally misunderstanding something or if the behavior is not correct.

Thanks much for any help.

Hi John- the angle is measured counter clockwise from zero at 3:00 O’clock - so if you are looking to angle down from the horizontal it will not work as 11 does not fit evenly into 360. Use -11 to count the other way…


Thanks for the quick response, Pascal. I’ve been playing around with <11 and <-11, and I’m starting to understand what it’s doing. Is there anyway to know exactly where I am? I have a pretty good eyeball, but it’s difficult to reliably tell the difference between 11 degrees and 8 degrees.

It’s not really that big of a deal. I can just draw the line and rotate it to where I want. I’m just curious and trying to understand how to control it better :smile:

Thanks again.