Is angle constraint accurate?

Just noticed that when I use angle constraint to draw a line at a specific angle, I don’t seem to be getting accurate results. I tried this with both Polyline and Line commands. Here is a quick Screencast showing what I’m doing:

Wonder what might be going wrong, guys? Thank you.

The angle constraint is not working how you are expecting it to. It does not use the previously drawn line. Rather it is constraining the line to 22 degree increments from the first point with horizontal to the right as 0; ie 0, 22, 44, 66, 88 degrees from horizontal. Your line is 66 degrees from horizontal which is 24 degrees from your vertical line.

A simple way to get a line 22 degrees from your first line is to draw the second line on top of the first line and then use Rotate. Or just use Rotate with Copy=Yes.

Thank you, David. I really appreciate it.