Angle doesn't correctly evaluate some linear edges

If 2 linear edges [of the same single surface] are pre-selected or post-selected with the _TwoObjects option, _Angle always reports that the angle is 0.


Hi Steven - thanks, I see that. Not on box edges though, interestingly, but on a single-face brep.
RH-73003 Angle: incorrect with some edges


Yes, linear edges in a polysurface are reported correctly. I’ll edit the subject and initial message.

image image

Although Rhino 7 Service Release Available - #34 by brian reports the bug as being fixed in 7.28,
my 7.28.23058.3001, 2023-02-27 still reports 0 for the angle between two consecutive edges from a _Plane (first message of this thread).

This does not just happen between consecutive edges. Here’s a screenshot of a planar, untrimmed surface:

I suspect this went into the 7.29 branch, as I cannot repeat this issue.

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