Polyline - Mode=Arc and constraits

Hi Community,
I wonder, if the following behavior is intended:

I type “polyline” in top-view.
I type “0” for polyline start at 0,0
"M" for Mode=Arc
(line wants to start in +x-Axis direction)
“d” for direction change
I shift-click on y-axis.
If I now want to add an additional constraint like 20 units for the next point (20 + enter), the start-direction of the arc switches back to +xaxis.
How to keep line-direction and next-point-distance in this command?

Thanks for your patience if I got something wrong!

Hi Ferry- that ‘20’ is being interpreted as the arc radius - but for a new arc, disregarding the direction you’ve set. After setting a direction, I am not so sure that is the correct behavior - it should set the radius of the currently previewed arc- that is what you expected, right?



yes, Pascal, the number is interpreted as the radius although the promt says “next point of polyline”.
but after setting a direction different from the initial-one the distance contraint resets the direction to +x.

btw “center” also doesn’t work as expected:
try “polyline”, start: “0”, direction:(any point on y-axis), center: (any point on x-axis), next point of polyline: (point somewhere in the same viewport): everything gets mixed up.
I’m using 5 SR12 64-bit but same thing with the latest Rhino 4.


Got that, thanks.