Indication of angle gives -175 yet rotate goes opposite

I draw a line horiz, select rotate and take its right hand end as the point of rotate.
I rotate it downwards and see I need -175 according to my cursor tips angle (modelling aid>angle)
I return the line to horiz, select rotate and pick right hand end as before, enter -175 and it ends up 180deg to where I had it, correct angle but heading east not west !

I can either extend line or try for +175, do latter and of course thats the wrong angle.

so now out comes the calculator and some maths. I didnt want to be doing that.

Can we have it that tool tips follows the same system as rotate angle ? The idea was to be quick and easy and know what to enter into rotate.

I was hoping that the plan drawer (chap or chappess) had gone for a nice neat figure, but with the angle different to Rhino its not so useful. All songsheets should be the same !


Well, you see what to do, right? Rotate 5 degrees. The tooltip is for cursor position, not anything to do with the Rotate command - it starts at 180, assuming you snap to the left end before rotating, and when you get to -175, it means you gone + 5 degrees…


Hi Pascal,
unrelated then.
Is there a way of drawing a sloping line and as I do so, seeing what angle the rotate command would need to achieve the same line angle if rotating it from the same end ?