Angle Command not Making Sense

I’m in Rhino 7 (Windows), I need help figuring out where I’m going wrong. Trying to use the Angle command, and it works for some angles, but for others the result doesn’t make sense. I have a video attached of the issue, and you can see how a normal right angle reports measuring 90° but the other angle that should measure a lot more than 1, measures 1.506. While I acknowledge that the angle measurements of course add up to 180°, I just am confused as to why those measurements seem off. What am I missing?


No video attached.

You can upload a .3dm file with your geometry by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post, or by dragging the file to where you type a post.

Whoops, fixed now, thanks for pointing that out:)

Are all your end points at the same z-height? If not then the angle you are measuring is not parallel to the view plane. (In that case, if you want the angle in the view plane turn on Project).

Ok, I will try that and report results.