Angle Measurements in Rhino

Hey all!

I’m trying to measure the overall angle between two lines as well as the individual x and y angles.

I figured out that the horizontal can be measured in the top-view, and the vertical in either the front/back or side view (depending on how the lines are oriented).

I still have no clue how to MEASURE the overall angle from that? I know how to calculate, but I want to be able to show the measurement itself. Measuring in Perspective view doesn’t work…

P.S. I’m using the dimension tool if that matters.

Angle command measures and reports the angle between two lines. I don’t know how to turn the result into a visible dimension.

I suppose setting the CPlane (CPlane > 3Pt) to the ends of the lines and then setting a DimAngle would do it.


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Thanks so much, Pascal. Life saver here :smiley: