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Dear All,

I’ve made a definition integrating the Anemone Loop components to do a Space Syntax -like simulation. It basically takes any group of curves, turns them into individual segments, isolates the open nodes, incrementally joins available segments until all possible paths have been created, then stacks the results on top of each other to see how many times each segment was used. The definition works fine, but quickly gets too heavy for GH to handle… I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions how to make the definition “light-weight” so it can operate on many curves.


Anemone Space (28.7 KB)
Anemone Space Syntax.3dm (47.9 KB)

@ Researchbicycle

I guess it would be easier to download the Parket Plugin

and use the Network Regions

I just have an outdated version of it, so I can’t make an example, but it is quite easy.