[Anemone] Loop to fast for IF?

Ahoy everyone,

Having some troubles with cooperation of expression component (IF) and Anemone loop.
Worth menthioning is that due to having old Rhino (4.0) I have also old Anemone 0.26 - without Fast Loop etc.

This is how it looks:

It should calculate a coefficient for each mast section basing on the given input.
The problem is that, although the IF expression seems to be correct -
when trying to get the coefficients manually with slider it works,

when connecting to the loop it fails.

I thought that maybe the loop if to fast to go throught all the IF expression and rebuilt it,
but it doesn’t change anything.

I am aware of the fact it is doable without a loop, but it is not the first time I come across such a problem and would be happy to figure it out.

The GH file:

Thank for helping :slight_smile: