Anemone loop vs C#

Hi all,

I work with Anemone loop in Grasshopper, it can be quite slow sometimes, but it works.
As an absolute zero in programming I’m asking you guys if some C# could be faster
compared to the same tasks.

The task is not determinant, what defines the execution time is the implementation. If you are going to loop a GH definition in C#, it will probably be slower than doing it with Anemone. If you are going to loop the same task but done from code without GH components, it will probably be faster. In general, what first determines execution time is the algorithm, not where it runs.

Haha !
This is so funny, I explain :slight_smile:
In fact I use your Gh component gems 2crvs in Peacock, and I noticed it was really very fast.
For some works I use my own definition in Gh, which is way heavier and so slower.
Can I ask which coding language you use to get it so fast?

C#. But again, it doesn’t depend on the brush but on how you use the brush.

I can help you to optimize your definition in the Peacock’s Discord server if you want and if you don’t mind sharing the definition with the members of the server.

Thx Dani, I won’t be able to talk fluently in english on discord, else, I spend many many time on this one, to me it’s my number 1 earning modeling time so I keep it, also I’m still working to shorten and more readability.
Did you really provide Peacock for free to the community?no retribution at all? sorry that sounds insane to me if true.
I keep in mind C# is my next bowstring

Discord is primarily text-based. Voice/stream channels are reserved only for my Patreons. It is the Peacock forum, it does not replace this one at all. You’ll have to join the server if you want to join what’s going on with Peacock, but for now it’s not really necessary as I have a few months left to start showing things.

There is a small support from Patreon but I’ll get serious about monetising it after I release the beta of the next version, which will be a private beta for my Patreons. There will be a free and open source version with the base tools, extensions for Patreons and Discord members, and paid extensions. I have a plan and I can’t wait to get there to put it into action.

I love to hear that. I’m making a SDK for jewellery using C#. I’ll be doing streamings on my Discord teaching how to use the plugin or how to program on top of Peacock, next year or sooner. So please, learn C#! :mage::peacock:

I’m glad to hear too !
Make money with your plug-in, it’s a huge step for jewelry designers, you’d be a fool to give it for free
Here is the hard work coming now for me…C#

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