Conditional loop inside loop?

Hi, I am using Anemone to create loops and I have reached the point where I have to create my first double loop. The idea is that the big loop would simply make a point go through a curve (using the evaluate curve component) A figure would be enclosed in a second loop and the points in it analise the distance between themselves and the curve parameter as the curve grows at a fixed rate. The idea is that if the distance is smaller than a certain number, the figure would stop growing, but the point would still move, and the growth should resume once the distance between the point and the figure is far enough.

Any idea how to achieve this? I have tried experimenting with the exit component but I can’t wrap my head around where everything should connect. I don’t know if I have explained myself properly. Here is the GH definition and a screenshot of the geometry:

Modelo (26.5 KB)