Analytical Wall - strange behavior with geometry

Hi all,

I am using Rhino Inside to retrieve from Revit structural walls analytical geometry (surfaces)

Attached is screenshot with small script for few walls as demonstration

Revit Surfaces:

Problem is that Element Geometry component for some walls gives back surface and edges, but for some other walls it returns only edges

I looked for some time what can be the problem and apparently if I flip those walls inside Revit manually everything works fine.Of course for a few walls it would not be a problem but model can have several hundreds of those walls

I have tried to use flip wall component but without any success

I am really not sure why Element Geometry component sometimes fails to return surface. I have tested the same Revit model with Dynamo thinking that walls have some mistake, but strangely Dynamo face component has successfully returned all surfaces

If anyone has some experience and advice what can be solution I would appreciate a lot

Project1.rvt (2.4 MB) Wall (12.0 KB)

Confirmed. This seems to be a bug. @kike sounds like another challenge for the geometry convertor!