A honey container with SubD


add some thickness with offsetsubd and render it up, Looks like a nice start to a lovely little project!

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Yes, sir

Thickness gives it a better view

I wanted to convert it into nurbs but a lot of lines (seam) was created.

I remember you offered me a video that showed how to design a car with SubD

Despite some difficulties I eventually could attain the video and watched it (sadly I lost the video later). In a step, you converted the SubD car into nurbs and then reduced the seams (the visible lines on the object) with a method that I couldn’t understand what did you do. I need to realize how can I reduce the seams of the nurbs after converting . May I ask you to help me?

I didn’t reduce the seams, I simply turned them off

that is in the isocurve density and visibility setting in properties when you select an object .

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Thank you so much

It made me happy and surprised! I always asked myself, after turning a SubD object into a nurbs object with many isocurves, how can I create a neater object with less isocurves? Now, I found the answer

Rhino is really a world that I find a new thing in it once in a while.

I examined it on a cube after I converted it from SubD into nurbs. The result was excellent

Thank you again, master :slight_smile:

keep in mind… the edges and isocurves are still “there” they are just turned off. But it does make for a much nicer object to view.

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Yes, senior

When you pointed out in your previous comment that you turned off the isocurves, I realized they were there geometrically but were not visible.

However, I sometimes need to take a print from the objects, and absence of the mass of isocurves (visually) help me for a better view.

Many thanks for your guidance and announcement :slight_smile: