A Safari car

I previously sent the sketch of this car that I drew up. Then I began to create its surfaces in the standard section (nurbs) but faced a problem. The problem was some creases between those surfaces that were visible in the light ( using plastic material), while I expected a perfect integrated skin without any unwanted creases, whatever I manipulated the curves the result was the same.
I inevitably used sub-D because I didn’t know how to rearrange the surfaces in the nurbs to remove those annoying creases and attain a whole smooth body.

Anyhow, this is the car body I created in sub-D.


So this was 100% subD? Did you draw those curves just for reference? Or did you convert the curves to subD friendly to loft,etc?

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Hello :slight_smile:

My purpose was not to work with subD. I drew the curves to use nurbs but because I had not enough knowledge and skill to create the patch I had to use subD inevitably. I used the sketch as a pattern to shape the car in subD.